Our Fleet

Station Wagon Taxi

If you want your taxis at Melbourne airport, we can assist you with these cabs. They are regularly available, come with sufficient luggage storage and on request, we can provide you with a fold-up wheelchair. Reliable and safe, these cabs can be hired through a phone call or on the road. These are the most common taxis in our fleet. All the cars in this line are a solid yellow in color.

Maxi Taxi

If you are on a long vacation, it goes without saying that you would bring a large set of luggage. More often than not, such volume of luggage is a problem for ordinary cabs to transport. This is where we come in with our Station Wagon / Ford Territory taxis at Melbourne airport. These cars are legendary when it comes to space. Tell us the location where you want your cab and we will be there. We also offer a fold-up wheelchair on request with these taxis. These cabs can come with additional space for luggage and can be made bike and board friendly on request. They are subject to availability.

Silver Taxi

A silver service taxi is basically like a business class airplane. Needless to say, it is driven and ridden by the elite. We at Melbourne taxi bookings, offer super luxurious sedans with drivers who boast of the utmost standards of etiquette, reliability and service. Our silver service taxis are always in the most immaculate condition and come equipped with all the modern amenities you may need on the road.

Sedan Taxi

We have maxi taxis with baby booster Melbourne. Our taxis are bike and board friendly, wheelchair (bound as well as fold up) accessible; have additional rear luggage space, humi cribs and can accommodate up to 11 seats with lift. They are ideal for a large family trip.


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